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Yuba Brinda, Ultadanga

Near Muchibazar bus stand, Ultadanga

Organised By
Yuba Brinda
5 Ultadanga Main Road
Calcutta - 700067
Tel: +91-33-3520217/2601/3176
Fax: +91-11-3512908

Shri Dipak Roy Chowdhury
Executive Secretaries
Shri Nani Gopal Poddar
Shri Dulal Mondal

Joint Treasurers
Shri Ganesh Mondal
Shri Dilip Pal

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This puja was started in 1968 under the auspicious patronage of Late Shri Krishna Nath Mukhopadhyay, Shri Ajit Roy, Shri Sajal Kumar Das, and Shri Subhash Roy Chowdhury.
This year's celebration, specifically the mandap and the surroundings, centres around "Bangalir Bratakatha, Banglar Nakshikantha" — bringing about the archaic values, customs and attitudes of the ancient Bengal.
The club also donates a significant portion of their surplus funds to social organisations and to the aid of poor in forms of clothing, food and supporting equipment for the physically disabled.
Besides a series of awards every year, in 1992, on their 25th year, Yuba Brinda won the prestigious "Asian Paints Sharad Samman Award". In 1993 they bagged this award once again. Last year they brought home the prestigious "Bagpiper Gold Award" for the best puja in Calcutta.