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Sree Bhumi Sporting Club

Sree Bhumi Park, Lake Town

Organised By
Sree Bhumi Sporting Club
198 Canal Street, Sree Bhumi, Calcutta - 700048
Tel: +91-33-5340002, 5344289

Shri Santosh Das
Working President
Shri Shyamal Kanti De
Joint Secretaries
Shri Ashoke Kumar Banik
Shri Dibendu Kishore Goswami
Shri Kamal Chakraborty
Shri Rabindra Narayan Nag
Shri Shib Shankar Dutta

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Though started in 1972, this puja became noticeable only in the recent years. Inspired by the illumination and decoration of some of the famous Durga Pujas of Calcutta and also with a view to help the distressed, Shri Sujit Bose, general secretary (also councillor, South Dum Dum Municipality), took the initiative to make it to the top 10 pujas of Calcutta.
This year's mandap resembles a lucrative palace. The lighting focuses on the World Cup Soccer '98. Like every year, this time also the puja will be inaugurated by eminent personalities from the Indian cricket and movie world.
Every year, a significant portion of the surplus funds is donated to the poor in forms of clothing, books, food and supporting equipment for the physically disabled.
The club also undertakes a range of social activities. They run a good library and an ambulance service. The club is planning to buy a mortuary car this year.
Apart from other notable awards, Shree Bhumi won the prestigious "Asian Paints Sharad Samman Award" in 1992.