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Sealdah Railway Atheletic Club

Near Sealdah Railway Station

Organised By
Sealdah Railway Atheletic Club
83-J Kaiser Street, Calcutta - 700009
Tel: +91-33-3508690, 3521827

Shri K Radhakrishnan

Working President
Shri Ajit Biswas (+91-33-3540238)

Joint Secretary
Shri Swapan Chatterjee

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Started in 1948, under the auspicious patronage of Late Shri N.K. Roy, Late Shri S.K. Chakraborty and Late Shri S.K. Roy, today it's one of the top 10 Durga Pujas in Calcutta.
The mandap will be a look-alike of a temple -- 85 ft high and covering a floor space of 5,000 sq ft. The interior walls will be decorated with grains of grams (chana).
On the MahaAshtami (September 29), this puja will throw a grand lunch -- Panti Bhojan. Over 5,000 people -- irrespective of cast or creed -- are expected to celebrate this event.
The puja committee will also distribute new clothes among the needy, and wheel chairs, crutches, blind sticks, and walking sticks to poor, physically handicapped persons.