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Mela Ground, Chittaranjan Park

Mela Ground, Chittaranjan Park

Organised By
Mela Ground Durga Puja Samiti
D-687 Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi – 110019
Tel: +91-11-6462671

Shri Bijan Kumar Dutta (+91-11-6462671)

General Secretary
Shri S.R. Saha (+91-11-6429530)

Shri R. Majumdar (+91-11-6462126)

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Started in 1976 under the auspicious patronage of Shri K.R. Sinha, Shri L.B. Bhowmick and Shri Naren Roy, today this is one of the biggest Durga Pujas in New Delhi.
The main attraction of this puja is its traditional approach. And, of course, the aplenty "bhog prasad" for one and all -- going beyond the barriers of cast and creed -- during all the four puja days. Special arrangements are made for the senior citizens.
A major attraction is a variety of cultural competitions that start a week before the Pujas. A good number of participants -- from two-year-young kids up to 50-year-old veterans -- compete in these contests.
The list includes poems, poetries, modern Bengali songs, Rabindra sangeet, sit and draw, cooking, conch blowing, musical chair, sports and even a football kicking contest for 40-plus veterans.
During the puja days the Mela Ground turns into a crowd-packed fair with lots of gizmos and resources of amusement.