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Kali Mandir, Chittaranjan Park

Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir

Organised By
Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society
New Delhi - 110019
Tel: +91-11-6416924

Chief Patrons
Sqn. Ldr. N.N. Sarkar (+91-11-6435509)
Shri Partha Ghosh (+91-11-6452038)

Dr A. Mukherjee (+91-11-6420015)
General Secretary
Shri D.R. Das Gupta (+91-11-6425408)
Shri Samar Neogi (+91-11-6461733)

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This is one of the most famous Durga Pujas in south Delhi. From it's very first year — 1973 — this particular puja has become a "must visit" for all Bengalees in Delhi.
The number of visitors are increasing in leaps and bounds every year. Throughout all the four days, the picture is almost similar to that of any major puja in Calcutta — the heart of Durgotsav.
This year they are celebrating their Silver Jubilee. The celebrations have already started with cultural programmes and contests every evening at the sprawling Puja compound since early September.
The priests of the mandir Shri Samar Kumar Bhattacharjee, Shri Muktipada Chakraborty and Shri Prakash Chakraborty take the complete charge of all puja proceedings and rituals.
To add flavor to these celebrations, the society organises a variety of cultural programmes that attract a strong crowd from the neighbouring localities including Sheikh Sarai, Chirag Dilli, Nehru Place, Greater Kailash, Kalkaji and Alaknanda.